Go Dark For IE

The movement to rid the world of older versions of Internet Explorer

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The Mission

Old browsers hurt the web! They don't understand modern technologies, lack features, they're buggy, new arrivals email subject lines have security holes and prevent you from seeing the web the way it should be seen. Imagine if everyone didn't upgrade their TV or computer? It would mean all the great advancements like HD, DVD's etc would all go to waste. Imagine what you'd be missing out on!

Using IE8 and below makes the web less than what it is. Potentially holding back the web!

Our plan: To get websites summer email subject lines to go dark on October 26, 2012 to users of Internet Explorer below version 9.

Why not just show a simple upgrade banner? Or why not just fix the bugs and get sites working in old versions?

The problem is some users just don't upgrade! And the reasons are very simple, some just don't care, some don't know how to, and some can't because of their IT department. In any case, as long as old versions of a browser remain the default on a computer, people will use it and developers will be forced to continue to develop for it.

It's not just about getting a site working cross-browser either, as long term catering for older browsers means new technologies are not used to their full potential or not at all, and this is holding back the web for many people. Developers spend countless extra hours fixing IE-specific bugs when they could be spending that time on building new modern websites.

It's time to make an impact and let users know they're using outdated technology!

What about Windows XP users? While they may not be able to upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer past IE8, they do have the choice of a variety of other browsers (see below). If only their IT departments allowed them free choice!

Our goal: To get users of old versions of Internet Explorer to upgrade.

The only way to truly force users to embrace the modern web and modern browsers is to stop supporting older browsers.

Users need to put more pressure on their IT departments and get them to upgrade their browsers or give greater choice.

Embrace The Modern Web

Upgrade your browser today!

Get Involved

Here are a few ways you can help rid the world of old versions of Internet Explorer

Go dark for old versions of IE

Important: Don't go dark before October 26, 2012

The easiest way to detect users of older versions of Internet Explorer is to use IE's own conditional comments. Add the below code to your website and put it just before your </body> tag. This will hide you website to users of IE8 and below and show them instead the Go Dark For IE logo and a link to find out more about upgrading their browser and the movement.

Choose your required language by clicking on the relevant tab:

Don't want to use our code? That's fine! You can use whatever means you want to hide your website, but be sure to provide them with a link to our upgrade page so that users can find out why your website has gone dark.

Spread the Word

Going dark for IE? Tweet with the hashtag: #GoDarkForIE

Help less technically-savvy people understand and upgrade their browser

Most of us have family, friends and co-workers who don't even know what a web browser is. But that doesn't mean you should let them use an old browser. Explain the problem, and let them know that if they upgrade, the web will be much faster, safer, and useful for them. If need be help them upgrade their browser – let's be honest, they're not gonna do it themselves.

Tell your IT department

Is your IT department forcing you to use outdated software? Let them know you need a new web browser and that they're hurting the web and preventing you from viewing content the way it was meant to be viewed.